1. Dates and hours at the event:

The POLBOAT YACHTING FESTIVAL 2022 takes place on July 21-24:

  • On the first three days (21-22-23rd of July) the exhibition is open between 11.00 a.m. – 06.00 p.m.
  • On the lat day (Sunday) the event is open from 11.00 a.m until 4 p.m. 
  1. Mooring – move in and move out from the marina:

Boats can move into the marina on July 20, from the morning.  All the boats have to leave the marina no later than July 25 by 12.00. If someone would like to stay longer, it should be agreed individually with the marina office and the due fee for the additional time should be settled.

  1. Crane:

It is possible to use a crane, but it is an extra paid option, please contact us if you are interested. In turn, the nearest slip is in the nearby old city marina in Gdynia. However, due to the Gdynia Sailing Days taking place at the same time, the interest to use the slip should be reported in advance.

  1. Exhibitor tents on the quayside

Tents for the Exhibitors are provided by the Organizer only – identical, with walls made of waterproof material, white in color, with a wooden floor and access to electricity.

The tents on the quayside will be assembled from 18.07.

All of them will be ready for Exhibitors on July 20, from 10.00 a.m. for the assembly of stand equipment, and in the early afternoon of that day, all of them will be supplied with electricity

  1. Access to the assembly

Access to unloading tents this year, as in the previous year, will take place not through the Dalmor area, but by access located between the Yacht Park apartment buildings.

From there, the goods must be moved to the tent or transported by a trolley. Closer to the event, you will receive appropriate maps with marked places for unloading.

  1. Promotional displays 

It is possible to display winder flags next to the presented boat (or by the tent) on a suitably heavy base (without drilling, screwing the surface). There is no possibility of placing tables, chairs, or exhibition counters on the quays.

7. Promotional displays and tents

It is not allowed to stick anything on tents walls or floors (no advertising tools, tapes, carpets etc.) without the written agreement of the company from which we rent the tents. However, if you would like to place something that will not affect the tent, and after its completion it will be easy to remove, you can apply for permission, but at the same time undertake that after the end of the event, you will restore the object of use to its original state.

For example, you can produce a banner to be hung inside the tent on the back wall. In such
a case, please produce a banner in the size of 2 m high, 3 m wide.

  1. Tent equipment

Exhibitors pay for their order on their own, while we cover the cost of transporting all furniture to the event site for those of you who will take advantage of this offer.

Link to the company’s website from which you can order the necessary furniture for the tent

Please choose furniture according to your preferences and send information to the email address, we will try to negotiate a discount.

  1. Car parks

As in the previous years, it is possible to park the Exhibitors’ cars in Dalmor (by the marina).

This year, the cost is PLN 100 for the entire period from 20-25.07

We have a request to inform organizer in advance about who intends to use the car park, and we will also ask for the vehicle registration numbers to prepare the appropriate passes. Payment for parking will have to be made individually at the marina’s office. 

  1. Telebim screen 

Please send your promotional films in mpeg4 files, 16: 9 format, fullHD quality, to be displayed on a large screen (in a loop) during the event, files can be sent by Wetransfer to the email address

  1. Electrical supply

Both the Exhibitors’ tents on land and the vessels participating in the Exhibition will have access to electricity. If you need a non-standard power consumption, please report it as soon as possible (no later than 30.06).

  1. Access to Exhibitors

The Polboat Yachting Festival is not a ticketed event, which means that access to the tent area, both along the waterfront, the apartment buildings and on the pier, will be free.

Access to berths and vessels will be limited due to the comfort of the Exhibitors’ work. For this reason, we encourage you to use your communication channels with information about your presence at the Exhibition and to arrange interested customers in advance. In the coming days, we will send you an electronic invitation, which should be forwarded to the people you invited, so that your guest can move around the entire area of ​​the Exhibition without any problems.

13. Tests of registered vessels by foreign journalists

During the Polboat Yachting Festival 2022 we will host foreign journalists representing the following magazines: IBI Magazine, Boat International, Asia Pacific Boating, The Yacht Style, The World of Yachts and Boats, Barche, Ocean Magazine, Nauticki Magazin

Please submit units for water tests. We are initially planning yacht tests on Thursday, July 21 and Saturday, July 23, from 8.00-11.00, but the detailed schedule will be closer to the event.

  1. Entry of units for the Gdynia Polboat Awards

As the award ceremony will take place on the evening of the first day of the event, Exhibitors interested in submitting a boat to the Gdynia Polboat Awards – the award of the President of the City of Gdynia, please send in advance high-resolution photos of the boats submitted, as well as promotional films of these units, for presentation at the awards gala.


  1. GPA Awards Evening

All Polboat Yachting Festival exhibitors will receive 2 invitations to the Gdynia Polboat Awards – the awards of the President of Gdynia and Inter Cars / Exide Cocktail Party.

The ceremony will take place on July 21 from 20.00 in the halls of the Courtyard by Marriott Gdynia Waterfront hotel

If you have any questions, please contact us by email or phone.